Live your life in a simple way and down to the earth

I want to talk about compassion in this article. I know mostly people already know about this, but let me talk a bit about what I think about compassion. I came to this idea because I have been thinking about it lately. I had an experiment that sometimes money and power are everything and people forget about compassion.  Despite what religion you hold to, mostly they talk about love, compassion and forgiveness. But none of them I found lately from people around me. Sometimes I realize that people like to step on someone maybe because they want to take advantage of their compassion that she or he already has in their heart. There are no perfect people in this world who have never made a mistake. However, it looks like people are hard to accept that.  A misunderstanding can ruin everything and compassion couldn’t play its part again.

Honestly, I have had an unique life so far. There were lots of tears and struggling. If I think back again, I thought that I had some pretty amazing experiences so far. I realize that I can stand  on my feet until now because that natural simple feeling that God gives me. Do you know what it is?  Ya It is “Compassion” Based on dictionary It means “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others” Some people said that love and compassion are a necessity, without them humanity can’t be survived. Compassion is one way to communicate with other people. It can build a relationship through transferring  of ones suffering from each other. But some people tend to avoid it because they are too proud with everything they got in this world.

I think compassion makes my heart still think normally like a human being that suppose to have it. God gives us that naturally feeling but mostly people has ignored it now-a-days. Some people may have love but sometimes they forget about compassion. They can talk nicely but then they like to judge people and avoid it to have that feelings so that they won’t feel pain or suffering.

Things  that  can make compassion disappear from your heart :

  • Job environments . A job can determine who you are right now. Too much demand from work can make you lose your human being side of sensitivity.
  • Debt, mortgage and life style. These things are totally can make people lost ones healthy mindset. Life looks like a rushing time that you can’t break from it for a while. If you break then you would get punishment and it would pile up and then you get stressed out and get sick. You don’t have time for compassion anymore.
  • Money and power can change people. These things can totally change people. People who loves money and power will judge everything around them with it. If you don’t fit with those categories then you wouldn’t fit among them. Compassion will also not be fit in it too. There is no exception for it at all. Everything will be standardized with money.
  • Ambition and unrealistic goals. Sometimes people need to slow down a little bit.  Meaning that there are still many things to care about humanity, people who are suffering, people who are struggle for food. Too much focus on the highest stuff in this world make you forget about how other people need our help for a little bit. Sometimes those things can make you have a reality check. Realizing the reality that we need other people to remember us, that we need to be thankful to God for what we have so far.

I don’t want to lost this feeling. It teaches me how to be grateful everyday. It remains in me that God put it in our heart so that we can still help, care, and show love for each other. Trust me if you have compassion in your heart, then you can be easy to be grateful everyday instead of thinking of your ambition.  Let’s touch down a little bit with a compassion. Let’s feel how people suffer from food, how a forgiven can make your heart to be able to keep moving on.

so what do you need to keep your compassion alive again :

  • Live with a balance life. People need a balance with their life. You can’t think your work every time. People need a break. Go to family activities. It will balance your soul. You need to listen and to feel what other family think about something instead of leading them all the time.
  • Get involved with community activities. Human being is a social individual that can’t live life only by his/her own. We need other people to life with. Community activities will teach us how to be proactive in social issues. It will sharpen our socialism belonging.
  • Traveling. We need to travel. Travel will help us to see other parts of our world. It can help us to refresh our mind and soul. But we have to be smart too. What kind of traveling that can help you to be grateful with what you got so far. Travelling, that helps you to think about how to make a better world with peace in your heart. Sometimes people do travel only to have fun, that’s true but how can we have fun yet still learn from what we have seen from other place.
  • Do out door activities that can involved nature. It will teach you to realize that we are nothing compare than God’s creature. It will help us to admit that nothing to be proud in this life because Our God bigger than anything that we got.
  • Life in with remote people in a remote area. This may sound radical but to live life in with people who live in a remote area will help us to build our compassion belonging. We will get to see how they do their own life with limited resources.  This is will cut your pride of your own material things. You will see that people still can smile, laugh and sing with their limited resources yet they still have ones true compassion.

On the other hand that we need to consider too that how a compassion that we have won’t misused by other people.  A true compassion will train other people to be motivated. At least there will be a  meditation that can transfer suffering one to another. And it will be lighten other people feeling. So we have to keep it in mind that compassion is a must in this life. And we need to keep doing it in order to create a better life of ours.

Ps : Some pictures are taken from various sources and the rest are taken by me.






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