12 Things that you need to do if you move to a new city and 4 things that you need to search before you move out.

I am here now with my son in a new place in North of Bekasi which is close to North Jakarta, Indonesia. I was live in Medan, North Sumatra. It is about 2 hour flight from Medan to Jakarta. Due to our permanent resident application to be approved and the fact that the Canadian Embassy is in Jakarta, We decided that we move out of Medan, in case there is something that we need to take care of here, we can go to the Embassy right away.

Thankfully a best friend of mine let us stay temporarily in her house until we get an approval from Canadian Embassy. She has a big decent house which has 3 rooms. This is a nice gate community with a nice layout who provides playground area. The environment and neighborhood are nice and quiet. It feels this place is good for me and our son, Andro. He needs to play outside with friends and build his physical activities with kids like his age.  This kind of area we couldn’t get in Medan though. We were live with my parents and my brother in my parents’ house. And it is very tough to let Andro plays out side because my parents’ house just next to the road that vehicles are passing by almost every minute.

Even though she is my best friend but we are willing to help her throughout paying our rent monthly.  She also has helped us to settle our movements in the earlier. I was overwhelmed since packing our stuff when we were about to leave Medan. It looks like too much for me to do only with myself. Even my husband is so far away, He kept helping me the best he can from far away but I felt I still need him in person. We always keep trying our marriage alive even in a Long distance marriage. There are so many things that we have learned to build our marriage becomes stronger instead of complaining our situation.

So here are 10 things that you need to do when you want to move out from a city to another city:

  1. Packing stuff that you mostly need for temporary until you get settle in your new place. These are things that I brought with us.
  • Important and documents (certificates, passport, ID card, Family card). Before I left I had scanned all of them. So I have soft copy in case they lost.
  • Some daily and mostly favorite clothes.
  • Andro’s favorite toys
  • Andro’s favorite books and his coloring pencil and crayon
  • My favorite necklace and accessories
  • Some simple makeup stuff.
  • A pair of sandals for me and my son.
  • The others things I can still buy in the new place (tooth paste, toothbrush, and soap, food containers, etc)
  1. Put your important document in a special bag that already wrapped up with plastic bag that you can carried it to the cabin or if it is too much maybe you can put them in a small suitcase but should be seal tightly with double lock before go to the baggage. You can get plastic seal in the airport and it doesn’t cost too much.
  2. Put your tiny things in a small container bag. Since I can sew, I made some of pouches from fabric and organized my small things in to them.IMG20180626152508.jpg36281909_10214615307730160_9052982820137336832_n.jpg36300518_10214615310130220_1174001448908750848_n.jpg
  3. I separated oily things in to plastic bag, like essential oil, aromatherapy oil, healing oil, soap or perfume bottle. I have had experience that this stuff can leak and damage another stuff such as your phone or pocket camera.
  4. Minimalized your carrying bags. If you have too much bags too carried it will make you exhausted to focus on them. And also it is not too good for your body since in the airport makes us to have long walk so that we have to minimalize our carrying stuff.
  5. Put your important document that related to airport stuff (tickets, passport, Id card, and baggage number) in a pouch that easy to show to officers while in the airport. That pouch is better to tuck in your back pack or your hand bag.
  6. Use comfortable shoes or sandals for your feet because you will have a long walk at the airport.
  7. Since I had a young child that sometimes needed a change for clothing. I insert a pair of clothes in my bag pack so that it will make me easy to grab a change when he got sweaty or wet.
  8. Adjust your stuff to the maximum baggage according to the flight that you fly with. Since my flight allow me to carry maximum 40 kg for both of me and my son. So I split our stuff in 3 suitcase. 1 big Suitcase for my stuff, 1 smaller suitcase for my son’s stuff, and the other one tiny suit case is for documents, my favorite accessories, my son coloring pencils and book. Those suitcase went to the baggage. Meanwhile I carried a bag pack, a hand bag, and a camera bag and my son carried his favorite toys in his back pack. I made his back pack from canvas fabric.
  9. Put your wallet not far from the pouch that contained your tickets, passport, Id card, and baggage number In the same back pack or your hand bag, so it will make easy for you to grab money or your card when you need to buy something in the airport.
  10. Destination address on a small paper. If you haven’t visit a place that you haven’t go yet you might need to write the address on a paper. Keep it in your pocket and in your wallet, in case your phone run of battery.
  11. Small medication bag for emergency. Long travel might be difficult for someone due to long flight or long distance. You can get sick, nausea, or headache that need pills, essential oil or menthol oil. I used to insert a small pouch in my bag pack so I can grab it easily if I want it.

There are many things that I need to learn about staying in a new place. Before moving out there were some preparation that I need to learn from the distance. Most of them, me and my husband search it throughout Google maps and did some confirmation with my friend. We used technology as much as we can to find some information that we need for.

Here are some information that we need to find before moving out :

  1. Viewing and analysing the address that we want to stay throughout Google maps. This is good for early viewing then we can get to think other place that we need to visit once we stay in.
  2. Finding out where the school is that good for our son which is not far but still has good access to go in. Got some school and the number. Made a phone to call to each school and asked the enrollment and fees.
  3. Finding out how to move Andro to a new school. What kind of paper that I need to be prepared.
  4. Finding where the hospital, the Bank and ATM, the market, the grocery or Indomart, the police office, the gas station, the mechanic shops, the place to hangout, recreation area, and public transportation are around our new home.

At last i can say that Staying here in quieter than my parents’ place in Medan. So far we enjoyed it. It is nice to stay in community gate like this when you have kids. There are some parks and play ground that you can let your kids playing around and make friends while we have security gate around us. I hope this new environment will give positive energy for us to keep moving forward while waiting our permanent resident to be approved. Need your prayers guys for that!


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