8 Things that can make you motivated

I lost inspiration lately since I wrote about Kartini Day and Indonesian Women. It has been more than a month that I haven’t write something. After frequently updating my blog with few articles recently I thought now what then? What should I write again? How can I find some inspirations? What is my goal exactly? What is the point of doing blogging? Is it just a hobby and fun or something that can give you income?

When you heard people talking about making money with blogging it could take your attention and you want to do that too. You would search and read so many things about that but still you can’t start it. It is not as easy as you think. You need a serious researching about it. You need a good motivation to keep you staying on your work for this purpose. I do blogging just only for fun and wanted to share to the world whatever I find interesting.

People now days is smart and very selective to read something. What can you offer to people so they want to read your blog? I can’t determine yet what my passion is right now. I know about many things but only a bit of it. I had been doing so many things but only for a short term.

So instead of being lost of inspiration. Here I am trying to talk about how can you being motivated every day.

  1. Look back at your Goal and Outcome in life. There are not many people who can describe what is their goal and outcome in life. Most people want a good life, comfortable living, a happy marriage, and so on. If you can concrete your goal and outcome in your life then I think every activities that you will do. It will refer to your goal and then you would make sure that your outcome can be achieved in certain period. According to Wikipedia, A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve. People endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines. And an outcome is a possible result of an experiment. So both goal and achievement are related for each other. For example, my goal for the next 5 year that is ; I can get income through internet. The outcome is; I can get viewer at least 1000. Sound impossible but least I would try my best to pursue my goal and then it would make easy for me to figure it out what should I need in order my goal can be achieved.goal
  2. Think and Action. Don’t let your brain has lot of consideration about something. Listen to your heart. Your heart and brain sometimes they don’t get along. Your brain wants something that keep you staying in your comfort zone. But then your heart tell something you need to do something because you desire it to full fill your dream. So after you think about something and do some actions. Don’t wait until the idea gone away again.GIG DREAMS
  3. Make a list of activities that you can get excited to do. When you already knew your goal and outcome then what you need is to make a list things that you can do. The lists would be good if you put time frame or schedule then you will things to do for a short time. things
  4. Create a good space for yourself in order to be motivated while you are working. Good environment helps you so much to be creative. To create a nice and good space is not always talking about expensive and fancy stuff. You can hang a picture of your love one or a quote that can motivated you every time you look at it. Or maybe get organized with simple stuff in your office, the things that you need mostly every day. If you have something that you don’t use for two months maybe it is time to get rid of it from your working space. Keep it simple and nice is much better than pilling up stuff that you don’t need.
  5. Get inspired from others. If I lost mood or idea sometime I like to surf among success stories in Youtube, TV and Google. We can learn something from success people. My husband said like this sometimes when we are talking about some famous persons “Eat the meat and spit out the bone”, means that take the good things only and throw away the bad side.
  6. Watch some uplifting clips and motivation video. You can learn many things to from those videos. Just the right one that you things good for your personality.
  7. Write down your idea and develop it like a project. When you get some ideas it can stay for a while in your brain. But then when you got another things to think about then you forget that idea. I have had like this often. When you remember that idea you couldn’t analyzed it again because you lost that idea. It will be so much better to write down on your note book, and develop it with some analyzing about what you need to do to expand that idea. If you were in somewhere maybe you can write it on your gadget. There are so many options that you can commit to your goal if you willing to pursue it. Even in the rough moments
  8. Go travel to somewhere that can make you get some inspiration and be motivated. Travelling is a good way to let your brain get relaxed. Without you realized in relaxing time your brain can easy to get some ideas that can motivated you again. By the time you done with your travelling then you will get good mood to pursue your dream. And you got that spirit again to keep motivated.be inspired

Those lists are things that I have had experienced. They are work well to me. To keep motivated is not difficult at all as long as you willing to keep walking to pursue your dream and never give up. If you get down then look at back those things that might help you. Life is beautiful not to enjoy it in every second even in a rough moment. Those tough moments if you never give up. It will make you a diamond that people can learn from you and be blessed for other people.

2 thoughts on “8 Things that can make you motivated

  1. These are great motivational ideas. I like taking a walk to clear my head when I need motivation. I’ve been going through a rough patch the last 3 months so I’ve barely written too. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration to write more soon too.


    • Thanks 👍😍 that is a good idea too, walk and exercise are others ways to be fresh and recoup energy to be motivated again. ya everyone must gone to this path sometimes, but we have to smart enough in this kind situations. I don’t want to let the motivation lost too far. Glad that you like to read this article, will write another article soon.


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