A Fly on the Wall of Everyday life for hardworking Indonesian women

30652303_10214066393767654_1658926196047478784_nStanding there at the side of road while taking the footage about some women were doing their job, have made me realize that women will do everything for their family. Scavenging garbage, selling the goods at the side of the road among the traffic, and sweeping the garbage and dust at the side of the road have not make them feel down even a tiny bit.

They proud, smile and confident with the jobs that they do everyday will make a little bit money for their family. They are an inspiration for me. No matter what you got now, be grateful. The important thing in this life that is make sure you are a happy person no matter what is your job as long as it can give you living then there is no reason to be grumpy._DSC8926

Maybe when i was taking the footage, They must be a bit proud of me too. Maybe they thought “There she is a woman, working with her camera and tripod in the middle of crowded people and traffic. She looks so confident. She must take a good pictures and video about me”


Ya I proud being in those moment. I could record every moments that maybe this video will make people out there feel good and be grateful about their life. But It is not easy as I think, some men were upset with me when i was taking footage. They felt annoyed. “Hey you lady, what are you doing here, you can’t allow to take video in here?” But it will never stop me. I know what I am doing and will not harm other persons through the videos I made.

Life keeps going and let’s use the opportunity that God has given to us. Hopefully those women will give you inspiration.

Check it out in this video I made.

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