Is the Kartini Spirit still alive in Indonesian women?

Mostly women now days participate in every activities to increase their capacity building. Some women in a training in Medan.

Indonesian women now days and Indonesian women long time ago are totally different even though there are still some spaces that women are not allowed to speak up her rights still now in some aspects. According to our history women under Dutch colonialism didn’t have the right at all to speak up and utilize their rights. Women didn’t deserve to go to school only for some men who came from rich families. Women should obey their parents what ever the parents told them even to be married to someone who already had wives. Seeing this situation there was a woman her name is Raden Ajeng Kartini tried to approach women and encourage women to speak up their rights and advocate them that women have rights to go to school. She made a letter to Dutch magazine about her opinion as women at that time. But sadly her efforts didn’t last long. She died few days after delivery her son. But then her sister was continued her advocacy to Indonesian Women at that time.

Kartini had given a good example for us that women are not only as accessories for her family and man. Behind the beauty of women there are tons of treasure that we can use to make a better world. Women are strong enough and almost every occupation that men do women can do it as well. They will fight  for their loved ones.

Lifting up the goods to sell in traditional market in Pangururan-Samosir, Indonesia

A woman in a traditional market, Pangururan-Samosir, Indonesia

I used to work in rural and remote area long time ago around North and West Sumatra. I have seen how women have giving their dedication to stand up for their rights and their family. Every morning women in rural area woke up in early morning. They always make sure that their kids get ready to school, make breakfast, and then after kids go to school, clean up the house and then go to the rice farming or any plantation that they grow, taking care of them and then go back home make lunch for the kids and then go back again to the plantation field and in the evening they get busy with the livestock and then go back home make dinner for everyone and make sure that their kids had a great day, watching the kids study at night and make sure that the husband still proud of her.

Some women in very dry area have to lift up the water from the lake or other water resources on their head and have to walk in long distance back and forth just to make sure that their family will not lack of water during night time. Not only that when harvest time comes, They will use their muscles again to lift up the harvest and make sure that the harvest corps are safe enough and ready to sell.


A woman in the business of Medan city, picking up the garbag

What about women in the city? You can see many women in any occupation in the city. From high skyscrapers to the road, tons of women stand up for themselves and their family. Everything they will do  as long as they can still be reunited at night time with their family. Some women in the traditional market, They will wake up in the early morning and lift up the goods. Set up the table and organize their goods as good as they can so that people in the market will buy it. They even have to fight and compete for each other to get good goods in the early morning from the supplier. What about women on the road? They don’t have any problem at all to do any occupation as long as it will give them money in a legal way.

Women in the traditional market in Pangururan-Samosir, Indonesia

But let’s talk about women young generation now days. Are they understand how their mother struggling for them? Are they understand that they can go to school now days because of Kartini had fight for women rights? Do they have same desire as Kartini and other women’s which is life is not only about materialism but other than that to speak up and make the world a bit better for future. Do they still have a family orientation like elders women before? Do they have love for life, not only chasing money, career, and power?

women young generation are weaving after school in Lumban suhi suhi Village in Samosir Indonesia

A woman is picking up leaves for selling from abandon land in the middle of city of Medan

I think i do have the same desire still with Kartini and those mothers. A good woman will make a good generation and I believe that. Some women in some tribes in Indonesia, having daughter and none of them son have make them down. Family wants her to give a son. There are lot of story like this that give under pressure to a woman who can not give what family want. I am going to tell those women don’t let your heart get down. Your daughters are the precious ones that God give you. They can be Kartini kartini that you can be proud of. Legacy is just made by human but love in your heart and a mothers instinct only those that no one denied it. They are blessing from God.

Let us be wise just as like Kartini did. Don”t let Kartini day just passed without being proud of who you are. Happy Kartini Women where ever you are!!!


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