Have you experienced these 5 things while in a traffic jam?

30652303_10214066393767654_1658926196047478784_o.jpgYes, I made it yesterday. I beat down a great wall that restrain me to try out my DSLR camera with the tripod on the traffic roads in Medan. I drove my motorbike on the back home with a big smile and I said Yes I did it! It was a great feeling when we can accomplish one thing and knowing that we got what we want. And not only that I got a nice respond from people that I met. They stared at me and look so excited to be in the camera. Maybe they thought that I was a professional photographer and videographer that was on duty at that time. But I don’t care I think people like to be in the camera, don’t you think so? As long as I don’t do something that can harm people so why not to be creative and share the world about my place.

11-04-2018 18-08-13.png

Medan, the city I live in right now is the fourth biggest city in Indonesia. I have been living in here since i was in 15 years old. I grew up in Banda Aceh, if you know about the Tsunami in 2004, I spent my childhood in there. Medan has been growing since me and my family move in this city. Every where you go in Medan you will find people every corner and along the roads, vehicles noisy, food streets, and retails and building construction. But only less people that care to manage the traffic on the road and the most important is the road condition.

If you were standing at the side of road you would see 5 commons things in Medan. These opinions are based on my experience driving in Medan. So the 5 commons things are :

  1. Vehicles run very closed to each other. You should make sure that you have a good brake, a good horn to remind someone who is getting closed to you or taking your way or your room. 11-04-2018 17-18-41.png
  2. People crossing the road where ever they like and it seems like a habit, what they do is they just give a sign with their hand as if asking a permission to the drivers.11-04-2018 17-27-07
  3. Driver who is turning around where ever they like along the road. I really don’t like to see a vehicle wants to turn right when i was driving, so people have to stop and they don’t care at all.11-04-2018 17-24-33.png
  4. Vehicles stop at the edge of the road. They don’t pull over but take space to stop on the edge body of the road.11-04-2018 17-29-24
  5. Yelling, shouting, mocking dirty words to each other if someone upset you on the roads and sometimes it can end up with physical fighting.11-04-2018 17-33-29.png

They are seemed pretty chaos but so far people in here, It looks like They just enjoying it. All We do is just accepting that our place has lot of traffic. Dealing with it everyday sometimes tough for me because i got stress out every time i was on the road and got back home feel exhausted as if the chaos on the street already beaten you up.

11-04-2018 18-37-25

But, guys don’t feel scare though to visit Medan. We have lot of  wonderful thing too that we can offer you. Traffic is another story that you might to consider while you traveling to Medan or be knowledgeable with this information  especially if you want to drive in Medan. My husband is pretty shocked seeing our traffic but he was really good to handle it when we drive together on my motorbike on our busy road.

Next time i will tell more other good things to about my city.

Please visit here if you want to see the video that i took about our traffic.

Have a bless Day!.

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