Do i need an excuse again?

09-04-2018 17-39-38I just watched a Youtube Channel. It shorts of kicking me to write this article. He talks about going out, do something, record every moment what you find interesting and be creative with that. Even if you only have a web camera instead of having fancy camera and other fancy vloggers stuff. I think he is right though. Do you know why?  Because I can tell that mostly people like to make an excuse so that you would feel better, because you feel that you have decided the right thing. Even though sometimes you regret it.

Just like today i had been talking with my husband for hours until he needs to go sleep because of Job that he has right now, make him to go to sleep in time and has to go for 5 working days every week. He is always make sure that i would be just fine when he sleeps. He gives me a lots of idea about how you can be creative with internet, learn stuff from other you-tubers and use it as much as you can take it to improve your skill. That is right though, i remember one day, I watched a TV show on NatGeo People “Pho and Co” She said she learns about  a recipe from YouTube. She watched about one recipe from tons of clips in  YouTube channels and then she created her own recipes. And people love her recipe. So that is one other inspiration story from someone about being creative and learn from others channel in YouTube.

30582047_10214048883649912_6931235964794699776_nToday when i just woke up from bed, My husband messaged me to verify my email. He had been setting up my domain with my name on it and then right away he paid it off for a year. It was a nice surprising in the morning, i got this blog on my name now. I am so excited. He said “there is no an excuse anymore”….haha ya right, don’t create an excuse for doing the positive thing in your life. Just keep pushing it through then maybe you can get the jack pot and it can change your life in a good way.

We also talked about making money from the internet today. We have been talking about it lately. Who doesn’t want money keep coming in your account while you are sleeping? Who doesn’t want to have freedom in your life and yet no worry about the money ?  I bet tons of us want it. But you have to be creative and be smart to find a way of making money. I still need to learn it more and more. Anyway, I can do bags crafting but it takes a lot effort and time to do that. I will consider to do it again but maybe not now.

Recently, i have been focusing on a list that i might possibly do. A list that i need to pursue to be creative with my blog and my YouTube channel

Maybe i shouldn’t think too much with what people might say to me when i carry my big camera and talk in front of camera in the crowded people. I had a bad experience when i using my camera in sun plaza mall in Medan. You can check the clips on this link. The securities in that mall don’t allow me to use DSLR camera in the building. They said they afraid that i will use the footage for un-properer things that can give bad impact to the mall. So i had to be sneaky at that time and use my phone instead.

So guys, I am going to share you this site , a young entrepreneur who makes tons of money. Maybe we can learn something from him. I am not an expert of making money through the internet but this guy he got lot of energy to do that.

I am going to end this article by saying let’s us do something creative and fun. Maybe if we think about money it will be tough to start it, so let’s do something for fun and positive only and share good information for others people. Your time will be worthy by doing good things to other ones.

Have a bless Day!


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