Top 5 Places in Canada to take my Family

As me and my family wait patiently to learn of permanent residency application approval for my wife Lince, and Son Andro. I can’t help but day dream of the many places we will go in our travels around my wonderful and beautiful country of Canada. Although Canada is the 2nd Largest country in the world, it’s population is rather small in comparison to it’s closest neighbor the United States of America. With a land so big, and so beautiful, with so many things to see in it’s great unknown vastness, here is a small Top 5 List of Locations that are perosnal to us, and some you may have visited yourself.

1. Whistler, Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada.

Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, this growing village/city is world renown for it’s flowing white snow trails, and beautiful city center and village square. This is a truly one of the most beautiful locations on Planet Earth. A Jaw dropping sight in every direction will leave you with a feeling of Wonder, and amazement. Although Whistler can be a rather expensive place to visit and live, it’s not far from where I am located now, in the Lower Mainland of southern British Columbia. If you ever get the chance to visit Canada, put Whistler right near the top of your list, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


2. Trent University Campus

This one might seem like a bit of an odd ball choice. My wife Lince has a diploma in Architecture. I’ve always had a fascination with simple yet stand out beautiful architecture.  For some reason the  Trent University Campus in Peterborough, Ontario captures the poured concrete look of the typical 60’s architecture boom period that hits  home with this Canadian. I love the overall look and sleak appearance this gives. It gives a feeling of safety, majesty and grace as it stands proudly over the Otonabee River. My wife and I look forward to visiting this campus and getting some nice photographic experiences capturing all the obtuse angles, and wonderfully green scenery. What a beautiful campus we look forward to visiting.

3. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

My Son Andro like many young boys his age, loves Dinosaurs. He has Dinosaur toys, Dinosaur books, and he watches videos on youtube about Dinosaurs. But so many people don’t realize that Canada has one of the best known fossil beds spanning a great distance and filled with many dinosaur fossils. The park is situated in the valley of the Red Deer River, which is noted for its striking badland topography. The park is well

Canada / Kanada – Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta: a dinosaur’s bones – photo by M.Torres

known for being one of the richest dinosaur fossil locales in the world. Fifty-eight dinosaur species have been discovered at the park and more than 500 specimens have been removed and exhibited in museums around the globe.



4. Quebec City, Canada

I wish I could tell you all sorts of stuff about Quebec City. But I can’t. I just know that this is one of the oldest cities in Canada, and has a great history and remnants of the old city are still there and very much apart of everyday structural life. It has a very old city feel with some modern style. The sights there seem to be just incredible. Canada has 2 official languages, English, and French, from early ages in school we are taught both English and French. I believe it’s time for me to brush up on my French, as it is the preferred language when entering the beautiful province of Quebec. It is the largest province in Canada, and some would say it has a culture all of it’s own. Rivers and forests that seem to go on forever. Although it may have some differences between other Major Canadian provinces, we are all brought together by our survival during Winter, and of course our Tim Horton’s Coffee and Hockey Night in Canada.

5. Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Although my wife and I do not drink Alcohol, we can certainly visit one of the fastest growing and well known Wine Locales in the world, the Okanagan Valley. When people think of Canada, they often think snow and cold. But that is truly only during the winter months, we have 4 seasons and a wonderful beauty all around. Did you know that Canada is home to desert. A true Desert in every sense of the word. In this now lush area, the Okanagan Valley has become a hot bed for wine tours and for it’s award winning world class wines. Although you can’t take my word for it, I’ve never touched the stuff, but You can take the word of the countless others who have. I am proud to show my family these astounding sights, and truly feel the peace and vastness that Canada has to offer, if you like warm weather, deserts and Wine, why not go to Canada! Never thought you’d hear that did you!?

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