Rain, rain, don’t go away..

The rain came in the right time just after i got my new tripod (Tripod Link). My husband bought that from amazon. It took 2 weeks for the shipping. But the the phone holder (Phone Holder Attachment Link) for my phone it took a week only. I feel so blessed with the raining, finally it came yesterday and has gave us a cool off moment after a long heat in Medan.

Seeing the rain made me think to try my new tripod right away and record the rain. I wish i can record the smell of soil when the the rain heat the ground, i love that smell. It smells like a blessing when the harsh soil finally melt slowly by the water from the sky. It smells dried soil but then fresh because of the wind blowing and the water droplets.

I love rain, it makes my heart calm down. It makes me focus with the fresh air and splashing rain on the ground,  dropping water from from the leaves, the roof, and the water flows to the drainage instead of thinking other things that have me stress out lately. Capturing this moment with my new tripod is a blessing for me.

I feel so grateful. God knows the best moment for you to chill you out for a while. If only we would have never be worried with a small thing and be thankful every second in our life. We wouldn’t wasting lot of energy for that unnecessary things. I thank to God that He gave me a very good husband who is understand me so well. I thank for everything in my life even the sorrow moment in our past, it could help us to be a diamond in the future. So let us be a diamond.


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I made a Video that you guys might like to check out Below.

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