Is a handmade product worthy?

04-04-2018 16-03-02It has been a long time since I have crafted. Honestly I miss that so much being busy with fabrics, thread, and the sewing machine. I had lot of successful experiences with making and selling bags, purse, clutch and other accessories. It was such a great feeling when you make something then sell it. And the greatest feeling that I can get when my products, is when they were sold out. I can go back home with full of smile on my face and be so satisfied. I have been doing it for almost 4 years. I joined some exhibitions in Medan and out of Medan, drop off my products in some hotels and shops. But I got lot of challenge too that should me think twice to make handmade products.

Talking about handmade product, not everyone can appreciate it as a handmade product. Particularly here for us in Medan and mostly in Indonesia. We can get a cheaper bag that is made in another country around us, instead of buying a bit expensive handmade bag. That is a big challenge for me. People here don’t understand that a handmade bag is something that someone has made their own pattern, cut the fabric b04-04-2018 16-10-53y your own hands, and sew it with your own hands, and iron the fabric by yourself. It is not worth it sometimes when someone asks for a big discount. I had given lot of discount just because i wanted to introduced our traditional cloth like ulos ( to be applied to bags, purse, clutch or other things. I have done it since my early crafting days, but things don’t change so sometimes I thought it is not worth it for all my efforts that I have given to one products.

There is so much to consider after I got married that make me not to continue it again. So maybe next time i will do it again maybe for fun or just a hobby that can make only a little bit of money.

So I have been thinking about making something easy. I thought that maybe I should make a bandana or headband made of fabrics. I have left over fabrics and others tool why no to make something that useful for me. Medan is a very hot city, I had been struggling with it while making products. But for these 3 days i tried to ignore the heat. And keep motivated. Sometimes when you get in a mood that makes you want to hold onto that motivation, but then at the end of the day you will get so exhausted and feeling beat by the heat.

What i am going to say here, ya let’s do our best everyday even when you don’t like your situations but maybe deal with peace in your heart will make it goes easy.  Me, myself i would be happy when i can make something or achieve something in

IMG_20170201_112914_241a day and i think that is not good too because you push yourself about something and when you can’t do or couldn’t get it then you get stress out, in the other hand that is good for work ethic but maybe not for me right now, considering to my situation right now. Sometimes i feel stuck with my situation. Living apart with my husband and waiting for the permanent resident to be approved is very tough for me. So ya guys let’s enjoy our time every second because God tells us to be Rejoice all the time. You can show God’s love in you by being happy and be rejoice.

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