Is early morning devotion on Easter Day still exciting?

easter day&churchWoke up at 4.30 am this morning with feeling tired still, If i wanted to listen my eyes, they still want me to sleep. But then i got up and woke my son up and and getting ready for early devotion at church in Easter day. I remember long times ago when i was a kid. My parents were always make sure that their children go to the Sunday school. i was always excited to go for early morning devotion at Easter day. I thought that i would get many eggs which were hidden with Sunday school teacher in random place around church building. It was good memory though, although with heavy eyes still i was excited for the eggs and Easter snacks.

And now as a parents i want to create the memories of Easter day for him. During our staying in Medan almost every year we went to early devotion to the church. Maybe this is a good legacy for young one so that they will keep remember how being with parents, family, friends, Sunday school teachers and Easter eggs, tea, snack and Easter present in Easter day. This not about how many eggs that you can find, how many snack and present that you got but this also about how you to reflect in your heart that Jesus arose in the early morning after He died. Maybe this the way how me and the church try to remember that Jesus arose. But the problem is how can this legacy not only stay as routine or ritual but as a moment that you look forward for the next year.

I will look forward though for Easter day in Canada. Hopefully next year that at that time we already been reunited. It will be a new tradition and legacy with my husband and other family in there.

So let’s keep be in fire with God’s love and reflect His love to one another. Jesus has arose so let’s do good things to in our life and hopefully early Easter day activity will  stay as a moment that parents are excited to go and bring their children to the church to remember God’s love to the world.

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