where is a quietness in my place?

Can you imagine live in a huge population? where you have to deals with neighbors dogs which are bar29-03-2018 17-53-09king almost every time even at night? even the owners never care. And then the vehicles are always passing by in front of your house, and then you have to deal with the heat and humidity. It looks like you live in an oven that is what my husband told me about the place that i live in now. and also the other things that you have to hear almost every day screaming and yelling from the kids in the house, how about that?

I can’t escape from all these stuff right now. All that i have to do is just be calm and meditate in my pray. I am trying to enjoy every day of my life in here. I am trying to see the positive aspect of all these stuff. I just hope that all of these will not poison my creativity and my mind. Good environment is really help you to be motivated and be inspired for everyday. I don’t want to loose it.

Everyday i woke up, i asked God to lead my day, lead my spirit so no one can beat me down even in those situation.

I think people in my place should realize how important is being calm, being quiet, being inspired instead of making people beat down or hurting for each other.

God teach us to be peace with yourself, with other people, with nature but why it is hard for the people who live around my place?

The city is so loud, the traffic everywhere, the neighbors, the people in your place, all i want to do is just being quite and listen to the nature, talk to God through the air and the nature. Maybe i should find the way how to do it in here.

Just be a diamond in rough place, maybe that is what i am going to say right now.


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