She Loves With Grace

IMG_2363I Got a beautiful poem from my husband yesterday. I love this poem, it is not because He is my husband made it for me but this poem describes our believing that one day all the worries would broke up and forever will be reunited again forever.  Even though we are living apart because of the circumstances but every day we have made it alive as if we were staying together. Actually distance it is not a big deal but due to procedure of Canadian Government, we have to wait a little bit longer.  We have faith in God, that He would make everything be smooth and our little family can be together again. Thanks my husband for this poem, Love you so much.

So here is the poem:

She Loves With Grace
By Josh Tyson

Early morning rises, an image of my love resides in me
flashes through my pupils, the image of a beauty
I reach for my lifeline, to view her past replies
Words from an angel, flow gracefully over my hearth strings.


A longing passion, a beating heart to the ends of the world
I will travel that far to see her face, and to see it smile
all the while,we thus walked down aisle

Together forever,our heart are joined
continuing in prayer, and soon to be reunited
Breaking the bonds of the distant hardships
becoming a unit, catapulting with extreme growth
A family, a tree, a vine all to me
Our family takes from, and is in no way the norm

But it is distinctly our own shaping and forming growing daily,
to all of our hearths that are warming
With love i speak the words from my hearth
My family is love, it is forever more.



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