Good health, but think sick

Psalms 27 : 1 ; The Lord is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid.

Today so many things have happened, but i got a lesson from a mother in my son’s school. We went to visit dolphins show from my son school, and i gave acompanion for him because parents are allowed to companied thier child. I saw a mother of my son’s friend in a croweded people, it has been a long time i haven’t see her, but this time she looked so diffrent. I saw some bandages around her left chest and her face looks so pale and she walked a bit diffrent. I wanted to say hi and had a talk with her and finally i said “hi, how are you doing, it’s been long time i haven’t see you around” and then she responded me with her smile and she started talking that she just had a breast cancer surgery. And i shocked when i heard it. She looked just fine before but now she said her left breast already taken off, she had 9 bumps around the breast. My heart feels so sorry for her. Then i said “i am sorry to heard this,i hope you are strong enough and keep continue to be stronger!” but then she respond me again with her smile “yes,i am very strong, since i knew that i got this sick, i don’t want letting my heart in sadness and cry, nope and never, i fight to this feeling, it can make me down, i don’t want my other cells in my body get down, i remember my children, they give me the power to be strong and i know that God strengthen me!’ she talked with her eyes sparkling.

The story of this woman gave me a strength indeed, look at her, she even can still smile without a breast anymore, and she still could gave people motivation that She won’t never get down, even let her in a deep crying, and never let her brain get down. She got sick but she thinks positive, meanwhile me, i know i am in good health but sometime i think i got sick. Ironic right? we need to mirror our self to a person like her. Sometimes we got worried so much with our health, problem, sadness, depression and let the fear play in our brain. It happened with me long time ago, a traumatic tragedy happened in my life and sometimes i could not kick it away. But that woman she got sick but still remaining stay healthy with her healthy brain. We should not let the negative thoughts and fear stay in our brain. My husband ever says like this when he saw me in a bit worried again “kick the door off so it can go”. No time to give sick thoughts stay in your brain. Fill it with positive thoughts. I got a good quote from this reflection “Don’t focus with your fear and worry, but focus with the strength that God has given to you”.  So i didn’t want to stay in fear again, It is waste your energy to live in fear. God has given you so much bless that sometimes you can’t see, try to look the positive things in your live, count the bless that He has given to you i bet you will get shocked. Our God is bigger then anything. Praise God all the time!

Note : That picture taken by me in Toba Lake-Indonesia.

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