New adventure for a new book


Psalms 40 : 3

“And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD”.

I want to write again. I have so much thought and questions in my brain that i really want to share it on these papers. Maybe if i wrote something on this papers it would be something useful and also i can read it in future so that i can learn something from past and it might give me some encouragement and being thankful to God because every day is lesson learn for me, that i couldn’t never get enough of saying thank you to God. I got this beautiful book from my husband. The shape and its appearance looks nice with a nice quote on the cover, It have taken my attention to write again like i used to do that long time ago. I realize that i have gotten satisfied in my heart when i wrote something and share it to people. I haven’t do that lately because i thought that it might be useless and would remind me again with sad stories when i just lost Anas, my previous husband. He died in Feb, 2012 when we were about in 22 months marriage and before marriage we were in relationship in about 6 months. It was a short marriage and God gave us a son. Anas died when our son “Andro” was about 8 months old. Anas sometimes liked to join me writing something in my diary book. And i couldn’t continue to write that book again. And then now i got marriage again with a very loving Canadian, Josh Tyson.  We just got marriage about 4 months ago but sadly we are living apart now. He should went back home to Canada, because he would sponsorship me and Andro to Canada and getting ready to prepare for that stuff. Living apart makes me sad and i can’t enjoy my day, and it was so stressful for me after his leaving and i didn’t know what should i do, i have been struggling to understand everything that God have given to me. He gives me a very good man again to be my husband. We were in relationship for almost 4 years, we met online in last Feb in 2014. Since that my days have changed at all, i felt so fulfilled with his love. Then we got married in May13th 2017, although we had been together only for almost 3 months after the wedding day, but i know this is should be happened in order to be together again in Canada, a new home for me and Andro. Seeing this stress, i remember he said “write something again..” and then ya i should write something again in order to drop off all thoughts in my brain in this book. There are so many thing that i want to write but let this pen guide me to explore all the ideas and story about life and God. I am so excited with a new story that i just started with my husband and our son Andro, together with this book let me continue to tell about how great is our God would be in our adventure. My Old story is closed and it became a beautiful memory as beautiful he was in my life. And above of all “God is so good” don’t let your worried overwhelm you, keep leaning yourself On Him and you will see how great His Love for you.

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