Hello, I am on etsy.com

Hi Bloggers,.

I am back again, after long silent on this site.  My life has been running quickly as so many things happened. I have been so busy with sewing and following some exhibitions during last year. Life is sometimes go up and sometimes go down. Whatever it is don’t let your mind make you trouble, always on Him, and keep walking.

And Thanks to God, last year i got a good sales of my products. This year, 2017 i am trying to sell my handmade products on https://www.etsy.com/, i am so excited..i hope i can have good sales on this site. On etsy.com my online store is GoGoStrong, hopefully you guys like it and shop it would be so amazing for me.

So bloggers, you can check my store in this link :


God Bless You all, keep rejoice in the Lord.

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