One day with fever

One day on Sunday I was very tired and exhausted after I got back home with my son. My son, andro got fever in the last day when we followed Toba lake festival  in Balige, I got a little bit nervous and asking by myself  why my son got fever again since He got fever a week before we were in Balige and it was because he got flue symptom at that time, maybe he was too tired after three days we were in Balige, and it has been the rainy season i noticed that’s why He got fever again. I forced myself to attend that event because I wanted to see the selling of our handmade bags, wallet and bandanna, wallets that I and several artisans created. And one more thing I want to see the results of the photography contest, I’d love to see the results. The committee said it will show off all the work of photo contestant. until finally I know I did not get one of the champions.

On that Sunday when my son got fever again, i became panic, oh why he got fever again, sometime i blame myself, why i should bring my son to this place, is this about only my ego? He just recovery from the flue symptom a week ago then he got fever again, i was really panic and holding him tight at the exhibition stand, I said to God, i am sorry God if this is only my ego to follow this event. But i also want to experience another condition with my son with this activity, Andro could see many people, toys and playing with some my co-workers, everyone like to play with him because he is a good boy and easy to get close. 

Maybe andro got tired, andro always keep walking to follow me, and stick always with me without cry or grumpy, seeing him got fever make my heart broken. Lucky me i still have kind co-workers, they help me a lots and andro. They find a medicine (paracetamol) for andro and help us to find public transportation and to get back home to Samosir. On the way back to Parapat his fever cooling off, and he got sweat a lots, the medicine had made the fever cooling off, i change his clothes while noticed that we won’t late for the ferry to get to Samosir. From a few miles we listen the ferry already on its honk, and we dropped on the street while i hold some bags and andro, and we run to get the ferry and andro run also follow me, oh He is a really good boy, i m so glad God, You gave a really good boy and very smart to me. and  at last we end up reach the ferry and have sit on the ferry, but it was quite weird, the passengers quite quiet, only some people in the ferry.

We enjoy our time on the ferry and sometimes i take a deep breath and say “Thank you Jesus, You strengthen me and my son” We arrived at Samosir but we should take another public transportation again to get back home, i saw that there was a different harbor which is not used to me, so i asked a woman why the ferry stopped in this harbor, and she explained that we have missed another ferry, we should take another ferry to get the harbor that we need, she also asked where was our destination, and lucky we have same destination and she offered us to join their car with her family to Pangururan and she asked me to pay for the cost too, and i said that’s ok, as long as we can back home soon because andro is not get well too. On the way to Pangururan i talked with her and her husband who drive the car, she asked about me and andro, and i told them about andro’s father and they said so sorry and feel so pity to us. And lucky her husband’ sure name is a same sure name with mine which is in Batak people we have same Klan, and it makes me easy to talk and sharing with them. And i said to myself again, oh Thank you Jesus u gave us a ride from nice people and they took me directly to our house. When we arrive, i was asking how much should i pay, then they said, “oh no need to paid”, then i respond them, ” thank you so much for your kindness”, and they said “that’s ok, we hope your son get well soon”.

It was dark when we got at home, i run with my son because the raining started again. I hold him tight on my back and bags in my hands and run, then i said to myself while i run ” God, strengthen us”.

We can reach our home before the rain become hard, directly i got to clean andro and change all his clothes and sweep him with warm water then cook some meals for him and feeding him, his fever started up again and it made me panic again. Then i put some oil with red union to his body, my parents suggested me to that to andro while massage him so he got a little bit relax. But the fever wont down, so i take a melon and squirt it and take the water and boil it a little bit to get warm then mix it with honey and give to andro, he reject to drink it but i pushed him to drink it, after couple minutes the fever got down and andro got sweat a lots, i was so happy it was work.  Then we got relax watching tv until we decided to go to bed, but on the bed his temp became high again, i was panic and cried and pray begging God, “Please God, i m begging you to recover andro, throw away his fever in Jesus name”, so i give him again medicine (paracetamol) then i kept on eyes for andro for couple hours until the fever gone. He got sweat again i pushed him to drink more water until the fever gone, i was happy and fall asleep after change all his clothes, i was too tired.

Then in the morning i awake and seeing andro still sleeping. I touch his body the fever is gone, then i pray i said “Thank you Jesus, Thank you so much the fever is gone, i shouldn’t be afraid again i have you God in me and my son andro”. Then we woke up and be ready for that day. From this story i realized that God won’t leave nor forsake me and my son, He always provide me good people in the right time and in the right place. God is so good and amazing God, He has His own plan on our live, I pray to God to make me become strong in Him always and be a strong single parents for my son andro. I believe He always there for me and my son. Thank you Jesus. I love You God.

The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.

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