A smile to Remember

A smile to remember

This poetry just to remain me to a very good man “my beloved husband” that already in heaven now with Jesus. I hope he will read this poetry from heaven, and just want he knows that He has beautiful and pure smile.

Yet our love is not long as our dreams and goals

You are too pure for it

There is a summons from God to you instead to realize our dreams

Maybe just only me who had the dreams as long as we together

Smiling…yeahh you just smiling when I describe our happiness that we will get someday

I remember that beautiful smile came from your face and your eyes so bright

That smile so pure

A beautiful smile that I ever seen since we were together

I realize now that today

I can not see your smile that came from your face again.

And I really missed that smile

But I have your smile now in andro’s face our son. He has your beautiful smile

If I missed you, I will ask our son to play so that I can see your smile again in his face

My Love.., I  just want to say, keep your smile in heaven and I know its more beautiful now

since you are in heaven with Jesus now.


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